Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Fino La Cala 15%, González Byass

On the pale side, strawy gold with golden reflections.
Very fresh with attractive green herbal notes reminiscent of a young Manzanilla but the flor is comparatively restrained in terms of bitterness though there is a distinct yeasty doughy character. It is zesty with all the appeal of a younger wine but has some complexity behind. It is quite unlike Tio Pepe and gives an idea of the scope of the GB Fino soleras,
A little fuller on the palate and slightly more like Tio Pepe, yet fairly light, clean and bone dry, it still has that lovely herbal yeasty freshness while there is a hint more flor bitterness. There is a lovely chalky texture from the albariza and fairly low acidity making it dangerously easy to drink and it has very good length. A very attractive wine which really stimulates the appetite - which is exactly what Albert was looking for.
This delicious wine is a blend from the GB Fino soleras painstakingly created by oenologist Antonio Flores and the famous chef and cookery writer Albert Adrià, brother of famous chef Ferran who together with Juli Soler ran the now legendary triple Michelin starred restaurant El Bulli in Cala Montjoi (Gerona) which for some years was considered the world´s best restaurant. It closed in 2011 and Albert went on to other things including a gourmet tapas and aperitifs business in Barcelona called La Cala for which he needed own-brand high-end products. The blend consists of wines from sobretablas through to mature Fino, while the bottle´s design, which resembles a white wine and is sealed with a driven Diam cork, will hopefully attract those who are not too keen to try Sherry but who will be very pleasantly surprised if they do.
19 euros ex bodega

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