Friday, 14 December 2018

La Bota de Manzanilla 82 Florpower MMXV 15%, Equipo Navazos

Pale to mid brassy strawy gold with golden highlights.
Fresh and saline with some olive brine and light buttery strawy caramel notes with a trace of apple from slight oxidation which give it a fuller more serious savoury feel. Despite this it is still fairly crisp. Sherry has the unique capacity to have whatever degree of oxidation and taste better and more complex. And this one certainly does.
Fresh and very clean, and the oxidation doesn´t hide the Manzanilla character, rather it enhances it, allowing the zippy briny maritime notes to come through. It is a fascinating wine, beautifully balanced with some weight, real character and a long fresh finish with a dry slightly chalky texture. It is absolutely lovely, but perhaps best suited to those who have some understanding of Sherry.
Not only is this wine delicious, but it is very interesting. It is a single pago (Miraflores la Baja), single vintage (2015) Manzanilla. It was fermented and aged for roughly three years under flor in the same butts, but fortified to 15%, unlike the Florpower wines so far released which have all been vinos blancos. In fact it is exactly the same wine as Florpower 77 2015, but some of that wine was fortified, and released a year later, and this is it. It was blended with some more Florpower 77 which had aged unfortified but which was fortified at the last minute. It may sound a little complicated, but the end justifies the means.
25 euros, Er Guerrita

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