Thursday, 20 December 2018

20.12.18 Bag in Box Controversy Finally Over; Sherry Culture Centre

The Superior Court of Justice of Andalucía has ruled against the appeal lodged by the Junta and the Artisan Bodegas of Sanlúcar against a previous ruling banning Bag in Box last October. The new ruling, which is definitive and brings this long-running saga to an end states that the appellants´ case was insubstantial and sought to alter the previous verdict which is forbidden in Spanish law. The new ruling confirmed the validity of the previous ruling and the actions and agreements of Fedejerez the Consejo Regulador, which refused to issue DO labels for after repeated plenary agreements against it´s use. 

You probably won´t be seeing these again (foto:pascual,diariodejerez)

Jerez is to have a Centre for the Culture of Sherry which will be located on the upper floor of the beautiful Claustros de Santo Domingo. This week a survey will be carried out to estimate the works required which include improving access and fire safety. The Ribadeneira chapel will be refurbished and become the principal access to the Claustros. The project is funded with EU money.

The mayor and her right hand man discuss the project

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