Sunday, 14 July 2019

Manzanilla 2015 Pago Callejuela 17%, Viña Callejuela

Mid depth brassy strawy gold with old gold highlights.
Quite full with lots of doughy strawy yeastiness, you can really smell humidity here and lots of flor and autumnal aromas. Being a vintage wine and not having been topped up it is more concentrated than usual for its age, deeper and more serious, less zip and more depth. There are hints of briny sourdough and even traces of oxidation. Very complex and interesting.
It is very full, quite a lot fuller and more concentrated than the solera Manzanillas and is quite masculine with  loads of nuances. There are slightly buttery, faintly oxidised and very bitter notes giving layers of wonderful complexity which just keep on building and lingers for ages. Lovely.
Bottled in May 2019, this is one of the three second releases of three "Solera de Almacenista" single vintage single pago Manzanillas from the Blanco brothers at Viña Callejuela. The grapes came from their own vineyards, from which they also produce their table wines, in the pagos Macharnudo, Añina and of course this Callejuela. Once fortified, the wines from each pago are aged biologically and statically in "sobretablas" and not in solera, much as they were in the past. The wine therefore faithfully reflects the characteristics of the vintage and the vineyard. Callejuela is close to the sea at an altitude of some 60 metres, and you certainly notice that in the wine. Production was around 600 x 50 cl bottles.
26.80 per 50cl, De Albariza

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