Monday, 1 July 2019

Fino Reguera 15%, Bodegas Velez

Pale to medium strawy gold with bright golden highlights.
The very last vestiges of fruit are nicely balanced with the gently bitter almondiness and yeastiness of the flor and a certain very slightly dank humidity. The wine is very fresh and lively with faint herbal and maritime airs, and while reasonably young, is perfect as it is - though it would be very interesting to see an older version of it.
This is a very good Fino - production zone or not - acidity is spot on and it is super clean with an attractive light finesse. It is not all bitter acetaldehyde and is nicely balanced between those last remnants of fruit and gentle flor giving a serious wine but with charm, elegance and length.
This delicious Fino comes from 100% Palomino grapes grown on albariza soil in Chiclana, which is in the Production Zone. The Reguera solera is located in a part of the bodega Pieza Nueva called the Andana Húmeda (or damp row of butts -  ideal for Fino). The solera dates back to 1891 thus having considerable complexity. While they sell a younger Fino Velez, this is their best one with around 4½ years of ageing under flor. Interestingly Bodegas Velez, founded in 1857, also seasons casks for the award-winning Taiwanese whisky distiller Kavalan.
5.90 euros, Licores Corredera

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