Thursday, 29 November 2018

Oloroso del Puerto 1/110 20% Lustau Almacenista

Bright polished mahogany with copper highlights and the faintest tinge of green at the amber rim.
Fragrant and full showing lots of the subtle nuances of maturity: hints of oak, cigar box, pipe tobacco, walnut, salted caramel, toasted nuts and a trace of Seville orange marmalade. It is stylish, elegant and homogeneous, a great example of what the word Oloroso means.
Full, almost rich and very well rounded. There are gentle hints of tannin, a very slight salinity and a certain glyceric sweetness which give an attractive texture and all is nicely balanced. The faintest hint of spice like cinnamon joins flavours of tobacco and nuts with traces of oak. it is quite a big wine yet quite subtle at the same time and has terrific length.
The almacenista in this case is José Luis González Obregón in El Puerto de Santa Maria, a highly respectable firm founded in 1935 which also has a superb bodega/wine bar in the town´s Calle Zarza and the Taberna La Draga in Plaza Bizcocheros. They are almacenistas but also sell good wine and Sherry under their own brand. This solera contains 110 butts and the wine was bottled by Lustau. It must be all of 20 years old.
16 euros per 50cl, ex bodega

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