Saturday, 5 August 2017

Fino 15%, El Maestro Sierra (Re-taste)

Pale straw gold with brassy gold highlights.
Quite big and complex with all sorts of nuances. There is plenty of flor giving it lots of  surface almondy bitterness, hints of olive brine and bread dough, and  a noticeable influence of cabezuela giving it an attractive buttery -almost cheesey - seriousness. This is class.
Lots of character, a real demonstration of what flor can do both on the surface of the wine and from the bottom of the butt, all in perfect harmony. This is cracking stuff. Bone dry, bitter, balanced and complex, there is a gentle texture and considerable length. All you should expect of a Fino and more.
Always an excellent Fino, this wine was bottled in April 2017 at at least five years old and is super fresh and super expressive. It speaks volumes about the bodega's location and the skill of oenologist Ana Cabestrero. While it is not bottled en rama, it has not been subjected to excessive stabilisation leaving plenty of flavour, plenty. 
7.10 euros per half bottle from Licores Corredera

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