Friday, 7 October 2016

7.10.16 New Saca of Manzanilla Entusiastica; Sherry Workers Call for Strike

The second release of the only organic Manzanilla, Entusiástica, will take place on Tuesday 11th at Trebujena Castle. It is the fruit of a colaboration between the organic vine grower Pepe Cabral and the bodega Delgado Zuleta. The wine will not be released till at least the end of October, as they would like to sound out people’s opinion of it beforehand.

Wednesday 19th has been chosen for strike action to try and unblock the impasse between the workers and Fedejerez.  A general assembly supported the action called for by the unions who will now go through the necessary legal procedures for the strike, the length of which has not yet been decided. While the workers are keen to start the strike soon, the unions need time to deal with the legalities and stress that they are still open to negotiation. For their part, Fedejerez expressed surprise at the unions’ message, saying it gave a distorted impression of the negotiations to the public. 

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