Wednesday, 19 October 2016

19.10.16 Sherry Strike Begins; Award for Antonio Flores

The first total stoppage in five years begins at midnight tonight at member bodegas of Fedejerez if further negotiations today fail to achieve agreement. Workers say that while the bodegas have been making increasing profits, they have seen no benefits from Sherry’s recovery. Sanlúcar is less affected as only Barbadillo and Delgado Zuleta belong to Fedejerez, while the Asociación de Bodegas Artesanas has accepted the unions’ demands. Their workers are not striking but these bodegas represent only 4% of production. The other employees, some 900, are conducting 24 hour stoppages for the next month while the unions try to get the bodegas to agree to a deal similar to the one struck with the artisan bodegas in Sanlúcar.


Fedejerez is the only representative of the big bodegas, and despite lengthy negotiations on Monday night with the unions and the labour dispute resolution service (Sercla), agreement could not be reached. For their part, Fedejerez feels frustrated and says the strike not only harms the image of Sherry, but is also unnecessary and inopportune. They say the bodegas are absolutely disposed to flexibility on the two main issues: length of service payments and lists of casual workers, but the unions are not moving their position. Fedejerez president, Evaristo Babé, was disappointed to learn of the strike from the press rather than the unions and feels that this sours relations.

Antonio Flores, oenologist at González Byass, has been named best Spanish winemaker of the year at the first edition of the International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards Spain 2016. His passion, dedication and professionalism saw him win the best fortified wine award for the Amontillado Cuatro Palmas. The Tienda Tio Pepe also won an award for the best bodega wine shop in Spain.

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