Sunday, 23 October 2016

23.10.16 Only Barbadillo Supports Fedejerez in Sanlúcar

Barbadillo is now the only bodega in Sanlúcar with strikers at its gates after Delgado Zuleta acquiesced to the workers’ demands along with the two local cooperatives.  Members of the Asociación de Bodegas Artesanas de Sanlúcar are not affiliated to Fedejerez and were thus never involved with the strike. The union representatives say they can’t understand how these many small “more humble” bodegas – and not only in Sanlúcar - can agree to the workers’ demands yet the bigger bodegas, “the most economically powerful”, cannot. A month of strikes was called, and that could do immense damage to the industry, so it is to be hoped that an agreement can be reached as soon as possible.

Strikers at Barbadillo (foto:andaluciainformacion)

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