Monday, 17 October 2016

17.10.16 Fedejerez Fails to Prevent Strike; Sherry Sales Grow

Despite marathon negotiations, Fedejerez has been unable to prevent the strike called for the 19th of the month. The fourteenth meeting on various issues connected with the Convenio de la Vid.lasted more than ten hours but achieved virtually nothing.

Protertors outside Fundador (foto:diariode jerez)

Encouraging figures are showing a rise in the value of sales to Britain as well as a drop in the BOB’s (buyer’s own brands) which have done so much harm to Sherry’s reputation. The Sherry Revolution is being talked about in specialist magazines as well as the wider press and is being driven by quality and not quantity. While sales volumes are still falling, the value of sales is more than compensating.

Sales on the home market are rising with a 4.2% rise over the last year, and sales to Britain have risen 4% over the last eight months. There is still a way to go in attracting younger consumers with more buying power to replace older consumers who tend to buy the Medium, Pale Cream and Cream styles who are slowly dying out. Now Sherry is being associated with tapas and as an accompaniment to food in Sherry bars and gastrobars, rather than as a dessert or aperitif wine. Whether by the bottle or by the glass, Sherry is earning itself a place in Michelin starred restaurants as well as establishments which are less exalted but which care for their cellars and respond to consumer demand. 

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