Thursday, 12 June 2014

PX Vina 25 17%, Lustau

Very deep - almost opaque blacky burnt umber to yellow at rim, pronounced slow legs, viscous.
Deeply fruity and unctuous, lots of pasa (raisin) and dried fig, you can smell that texture. It smells of the pasas arriving at the bodega, of that miraculous juice which runs from the press, only more concentrated. It is at that stage where the wine is still fruit-laden and just not quite showing the more phenolic notes of coffee and wood that greater age would bring. I would guess it is about ten years old.
That texture is here in spades! You almost feel that you are eating those pasas, and their intense sweetness covers the tannin from the grape stems which cannot be removed. There is lots of treacle and cinder toffee, along with what one might call "proto coffee" notes, but overall, here is a really good, deep, fruity wine with all the hallmarks of a good PX. I love it!
This is one of the old Domecq brands which were acquired by Lustau after the dismemberment of Domecq in 2008. The odd name of the wine stems from the name of the vineyard (or "Vina") which consisted of 25 aranzadas, an old measurement of land area. 25 of these equate to 10 hectares, so 1 aranzada is roughly equal to 1 acre. The vineyard was particularly suited to growing PX due to its exposure, but unfortunately no longer exists as they built a motorway on it. The wine is aged in a solera founded in 1892.
I paid 11.30 Euros in Spain, but unfortunately UK agents Bibendum don't ship it.

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