Thursday, 5 June 2014

Manzanilla La Lidia 15%, Garvey

Pale strawy gold, light legs.
Quite young and fresh, slightly floral, hints camomile, hints also of fresh flor, but none of the bitterness imparted by more serious ageing, some delicate salinity and yeastiness.
Reasonable weight, fresh, still some fruit there and a gentle tang, still that camomile-like flavour, but not particularly salty, doughy or remotely autolytic. This is quaffing Manzanilla, and nothing wrong with that, it is perfect for grilled or fried fish.
If you look at my post on Garvey's Manzanilla Juncal, there is a rant about what they have done to de Soto's Manzanilla. Well, this is a follow-up, as this bears the bodega name as not only Garvey on the capsule, but also Complejo Bodeguero Bellavista (or Garvey) on the label. Yet the label has a very slightly gaudy full-coloured rendition of the de Soto label! Also, the de Soto image is of a girl refreshing a cowboy with some Sherry. The original Garvey label for La Lidia was an image of the bullfight, (lidia = bullfight). So the label and the name no longer match. I think their marketing lot need to be put in the bullring!
For only 3,50 Euros you don't expect much, but this perfectly serviceable everyday Manzanilla. Not available in UK. Shame at that price!

Soto/Garvey La Lidia
Original La Lidia

Garvey/Soto La Lidia

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