Saturday, 21 June 2014

Manzanilla Pasada En Rama Mons Urium 15%, Bodegas Urium

Deepish strawy gold with  the slightest haze - from lack of filtration, some legs.
Very attractive, yeast laden nose with real character. Lots of camomile and dried flowers, salted almonds and bread dough, as well as a briny bitterness which grows. There are aromas of dampness, humidity, and so the flor must have been quite thick. Despite the bitterness and dryness, there is a charming almost appley roundness as well, and not as much autolysis or oxidation as I'd imagined.
Fairly full, amazingly soft and yeasty with still a trace of fruit, low acidity compensated for by that saline bitterness. It is mouthfilling yet very (much too) easy to drink. For all that roundness, it has a very dry finish which lingers for some time pestering you to buy another bottle. Which you should, it's lovely.
Limited edition of 10,000 50cl bottles. This is from the 4th series. The solera is tiny, so the wine is not as widely available as one might like. The wine is 8-10 years old and is bought from an almacenista in Sanlucar. Strangely, the label does not indicate that it was bottled en rama, but it was. This is a serious bodega, and their Fino is also bottled en rama.
About 8-10 Euros in Spain for the 50cl bottle. Uk Importer Jose Fine Wines

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