Monday, 22 April 2013

Vinoble - Welcome Back!

It is really great news that Vinoble can take place again next year. It is a wonderful event, scattered inside and out all round the Alcazar, showcasing great wines from all over the world, as long as they are sweet or fortified - or both.

Patio de las Armas, Alcazar, Jerez

Naturally, Sherry has centre stage - and there are very many - but lots of other wines from Spain are present, such as Canarias, Malaga, Huelva, Fondillon and Montilla. But the show is far more diverse. Over the last three events, I have come across wines from Greece, USA, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and many more.

There are many bodega stands, as well as generic and Consejo stands. Here is a great place to taste truly interesting wine, and often to meet its producer. Having done so, there is a wide variety of restaurants not too far away, where one can indulge in local gastronomy and drink more Sherry!

It was an embarrassing shame that last year's event had to be cancelled, but there just wasn't the money. Congratulations to all concerned in the renaissance of this great event! So now it will be taking place next year, I urge you to go, you can't fail to have a wonderful time!

PS One is supposed to be in the trade, but I'm sure you can blag it.

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