Friday, 26 April 2013

Amontillado Alcazar 19%, Bobadilla

Deep amber to brown with reddy-gold tints, legs.
Pronounced and full, very amontillado with traces of wood, traces even of resin, some age, dry with that typical apparent sweetness and lots of toasted hazelnut and almond, most attractive.
Full and dry, but with that apparent sweetness from glycerol, and fairly intense with toasted nuts, beautifully refined oxidation, elegant and expressive, perfectly balanced between the slight woodiness of ageing and that glycerol feel of sweetness, with a certain fresh crispness, long. A serious and delicious wine.
I'm afraid I can't tell you much about it except that the grapes came from the Macharnudo, it is a solera pura wine (straight from the solera, unblended - as was the Bobadilla preference) and that it was delicious. I bought it 8 years ago, the last bottle in a back-street shop in Spain. It must have been sitting around some time as it had sediment, but it turned out to be in good condition.
Years ago I had my own wine shop, and naturally we specialised in Spanish wines. We had a large range of Sherry, and our best seller was Bobadilla. It was high quality, well presented and well priced, but at the end of the eighties it suddenly stopped being available. I really miss it.
5.50 euros a ridiculous price, but one I was happy to pay!


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