Wednesday, 17 April 2013

17.4.13 High Court Reduces More BOB Fines

From exemplary punishment to symbolic. The High Court has reduced fines imposed on two more bodegas for their part in alleged BOB (buyer's own brand) price fixing: Williams & Humbert and J.Ferris. The Court has already reduced the fine imposed on Gonzalez Byass. The reductions will be between 75% and 90%.

The Consejo Regulador has not been so lucky, however. Despite the annulment by the Court of the fine for grape prices, it will have to pay 200,000 euros plus 100,000 euros respectively for discriminatory quotas and the BOB cartel. It could have been worse; the original total fine was 708,000 euros.

The affair is not over yet. Six more bodegas and Fedejerez (the bodegas association) are still to hear their fate, but are naturally hoping that they will have fines reduced as well.

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