Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Harveys Amontillado 19%, Bodegas Fundador

Chestnut tinged deep amber with old gold highlights fading to amber.
Lightish, crisp, nutty and fairly tight with toasted almond, hazelnut and a note of dried autumn leaves. There is a very gentle background sweetness balanced by traces of oak and walnut, and the faintest hint of bitter flor from the biological ageing giving the wine an interesting edge and notable charm.
Fresh, crisp, light and elegant thanks to those attractive hints of biological ageing, yet it is definitely an Amontillado with traces of caramel, lots of nuts, a suspicion of dried fruit and that impression of a hint of sweetness which gives Amontillado its charm. It is clean, dry and long with considerable character.
This very fine wine is made from 100% Macharnudo grapes from the firm´s own vineyards and aged in a solera dating from 1928It is probably between about 12 and 15 years old and is at that lovely stage between mature Fino and young Amontillado - though closer to the latter. While it is a very good wine and the bottle is quite smart, it is not over-practical as its slim shape means it is easily knocked over, but I am sure you take good care of your Sherry!
18 euros per 50 cl, De Albariza

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