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Eating Well in Sanlúcar

Its location largely dictates the kind of food on offer in Sanlúcar: lying on the shore of the Guadalquivir Estuary and close to the Atlantic, seafood is what it does best, and Manzanilla is naturally what accompanies it best. The town is noted for the quality of its potatoes and the langostinos even have a Denominación de Origen, and there is an incredible variety of fine seafood landed at the quayside of Bonanza, just a little upstream from Sanlúcar. Not only is the quality of the raw material excellent but also that of the cuisine, and many good restaurants can be found along the beach in the Bajo de Guía area from where one can contemplate the Coto Doñana and centuries of history. The general standard is very high and the following are just some of the best places to eat.

El Mirador de Doñana, Avenida Bajo de Guía, 0
Traditional Sanluqueño cuisine made from local produce freshly sourced every day. The philosophy is respect for the produce and its pairing with the local wine.

Restaurante Poma, Avenida Pórtico de Bajo de Guía, 6
There are three dining areas and the  walls are decorated with all sorts of objects connected with the sea while the cuisine specialises mainly in seafood and shellfish stews.

Casa Bigote, Avenida Pórtico de Bajo de Guía, 10
One of the oldest and most famous, established in 1951. There is a tapas bar and a proper restaurant with just about everything one can imagine from the sea and beautifully cooked.

Restaurante Avante Claro, Avenida Pórtico de Bajo de Guía, 4
Traditional Andalusian seafood cuisine with a few modern touches including vegetarian options. Bar and restaurant inside with a terrace facing the estuary.

Gastrobar-Restaurante El Espejo, Calle Caballeros, 11
Located in an XVIII century mansion with a beautiful patio opposite the Orléans-Borbón palace. Chef José Luis Fernández´menu is less seafood dominated with plenty of organic vegetables and meat too, and the wine list is excellent.

Taberna Argüeso, Calle Mar, 2
An adjunct to the Argüeso bodegas offering a fusion of traditional and vanguard with classic local seafood dishes, retinto beef, almadraba tuna, ceviche and sushi.

Casa Balbino, Plaza del Cabildo, 14
Situated at no. 30 in the 100 best European “Gourmet Casual” restaurants section of Opinionated About Dining and famed for its tortillitas de camarón, it also offeres classic Sanluqueño fish, shellfish and seafood stews.

Barbiana, Calle Ancha, 2
Naturally the excellent Manzanilla Barbiana is served here, along with classic local tapas such as papas aliñás con melva, ensaladilla de langostinos, calamares rellenos and galeras cocidas.

Taberna der Guerrita, corner Calle San Salvador and Calle Rubiños
This is both a friendly local bar and a temple to Sanlúcar wine with an enormous range and even a shop. The food is great too with all sorts of local seafood, pork, duck and beef.

Chiringuito Alfonsito, Callejón de Guía,45
A chiringuito is a beach restaurant and here fish is grilled or cooked on skewers stuck into sand in a little old boat. They offer rice with lobster, sardines, and all kinds of seafood.

Casa Perico, Salvador Gallardo, 27
This is a classic Sanlúcar bar, tapas bar and restaurant serving all kinds of well cooked traditional seafood generously and unpretentiously and at a reasonable price.

Weisshorn, Calle Sevilla, 30
Named after a rice ship which sank in the estuary, this is an amazing place. The restaurant specialises in the arabic cuisine of old Andalucía and offers vegetarian options, while they also have a distillery making gin and vodka and even an adjacent electric guitar maker.

Bodegas La Cigarrera, Plaza Madre de Dios
Imagine dining in a bodega! The atmosphere of this XVIII century bodega with its patio is lovely and the food is classic traditional Sanlúcar fare. They will even cook fish you bring with you for a modest price.

Lantero, Calle Ancha, 51
This is more of a modern wine bar with a good wine list and offers ibérico pork and quality beef as well as seafood dishes. They also offer a wide range of tapas.


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