Monday, 26 November 2018

Manzanilla La Goya Centenary Magnum 15%, Delgado Zuleta

Bright, clean gold with a trace of brass and golden highlights.
Fresh, clean and saline with noticeable pasada character, slightly more intense than the excellent Goya XL. There is lots of bitter flor but not enough to obscure the crisp doughy freshness, and notes of bitter almond, dry scrub, buttery olive brine and the faintest notes of toast, petrol and oxidation. This is very complex yet super fresh and elegant and absolutely classic Manzanilla.
Fresh and maritime at the start then it grows, developing more body and ever increasing flavour with traces of autolysis and lots of bitter almond and an attractive oily buttery character with a slight nuttiness, yet all the time there is freshness and pefectly balanced acidity. This wine is delicious and intensely flavoured with interminable nuances and terrific length.
Only 100 magnums were filled of this special wine to celebrate the centenary of Don Tomás Delgado sending a few cases of his best Manzanilla to the famous singer Aurora Jauffré "La Goya" in 1918 in exchange for her permission to name his brand after her. This wine is not standard La Goya. It is a selection from the best butt in the 232 butt solera made by the firm´s president, José Maria Bustillo and the three surviving oenologists who worked at DZ and really know the solera: Manuel Barba (1972-2012), Salvador Real (2012-2016) and the current incumbent Antonio Sánchez Pazo (2016 - present). The final choice was down to the butt which best represented the "textbook" style of La Goya, and the label is a reproduction of the original, while the label on the standard bottle has been redesigned. The wine is over 7 years old and the butt was in the part of the bodega most exposed to the Poniente giving it a vigorous growth of flor.The bottle is sealed with a Diam cork and while it is excellent, it is very expensive.
150 euros per 1.5 litres ex bodega

The creators: (L-R): A Sanchez Pazo, S Real, M Barba, JM Bustillo

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