Monday, 5 November 2018

Blanco de Blancos 2017 11.5%, Barbadillo

Bright, pale, almost silvery strawy gold with golden reflections.
Young, light, fresh and quite aromatic with hints of tropical fruit like white peach, guava and a hint of pineapple. The hallmark Sauvignon greenness is slightly mute being grown so far south, but the blend works as it balances with the more aromatic Moscatel. I can´t quite make out what the Verdejo does, but there is the faintest mineral note, from the soil presumably.
Dry, fresh, with a reasonably crisp acidity, and all those exotic fruit flavours up to a point, but now there are more orchard fruit flavours like apple and hint of pear blending in. There is a faint grapeskin texture and a slight chalky feel, and the acidity carries the fruit through to the decently long finish.
Blanco de Blancos is a translation of the Champagne term "blanc de blancs" meaning a white wine made with white grapes - as nearly all are, naturally - but in Champagne many white wines are made using red grapes as well. A "Blanc de Noirs" is a Champagne made only with red grapes though the finished product is white. So the B de B term has little meaning elsewhere, and this wine is made from 100% white grapes which are: Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo and "Moscato" (Moscatel). I think "Moscato" is trendier at the moment. They are grown in a total of 33 hectares in the firm´s Gibalbin and Santa Lucia vineyards with albariza soil and harvested at first light. They are vinified separately, first going to tanks where they are allowed to run off the free run juice at 12 degrees C which  is then fermented at controlled temperature using selected yeasts. After fermentation the three wines are left on their lees for a couple of months before being blended, stabilised and bottled.
8.95, Licores Corredera

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