Thursday, 15 November 2018

Castillo de Argüeso 2017 11.5%, Bodegas Argüeso

Bright, pale strawy gold with golden reflections.
Young and fresh and interesting and with a little weight behind.First there are aromas of fruit: apple mainly, then grasses and herbs - with a distinct trace of camomile  -  then a salty, briny note and even a faint hint of confectionery. Appealing and characterful.
Broadly similar on the palate; the apple is good and ripe and there is a gentle texture of grapeskin and chalk. Acidity is fairly low but sufficient and there is a barely perceptible oxidative note, so the wine is well rounded and smooth with that classic Palomino appley fruit and a decently long finish.
This wine is very good value, not because it is cheap but because it is cheap and good. It is 100% Palomino from the albariza vineyards of Sanlúcar, the same source as the firm´s delightful Manzanillas. It is fermented at low temperature to retain all the primary aromas and bottled as soon as it is ready. Simple as that really, but a job well done. It could be described as a polished up mosto or an unfortified Manzanilla, and either way it is a very attractive wine.
3.25 euros, Licores Corredera

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