Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Sherry Ice Cream!

Pedro Ximénez or Moscatel poured over ice cream is delicious, but things have developed further. Much further. How about Fino or Amontillado sorbet? Or even Sherry Vinegar sorbet? Exciting, creative cuisine is not new in the Marco de Jerez, and all these are already available.

In Chipiona, at the Heladeria Valenciana, José Antonio Montalbán makes his grandfather’s recipe using Moscatel de Pasas Los Madroñales from the local Cooperative Católica Agricola. It is lovely, but not everyone is using ice cream as a dessert.


Master ice cream maker Carlos Sancho of Heladeria Per Piacere has been working with chef Blas Pérez of the Hotel Conil Park and Raúl Castillo chef at Parrilla de Matilde in Cádiz to create a range of sorbets based on products of bodegas Sánchez Romate, who are keen to collaborate. They have already produced sorbets with Fino, Amontillado and vinegar.


Savoury dishes have been enhanced by these sorbets, for example Blas Pérez’ millfeuille of nachos made from lentil flour alternating with mojama (thin sliced, salt cured tuna) and ling roe, almond paste and topped with Amontillado sorbet.

They have also created a rather special PX ice cream. It pays homage to the “candie”, a Spanish corruption of “candy and egg”, a traditional restorative drink made from Oloroso, egg yolk and sugar. 

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