Saturday, 11 June 2016

Fino 15%, Pemartín (Diez-Mérito)

Pale straw with golden highlights, light legs.
Forthcoming with traces of background fruit balancing with gentle flor. There is a nice dry feel to it with notes of straw, and a slight trace of dried herbs or scrub. This wine is not more than four years old but is nonetheless quite attractive and typical Jerez.
Decent acidity carries the flavour through with a gentle tension between the bitterness of the flor and that hint of fruit. It has a decent presence on the palate and is clean and very tasty with a fairly long finish. Excellent everyday wine.
A very good wine for the money, and worth a little more. This is really the basic range from Diez Mérito, but it is pretty sound. It is not cheap Sherry, it is inexpensive Sherry. Pemartin was once a famous bodega but was taken over by Rumasa in 1959. After the Government expropriation of Rumasa in 1983 it was tied in with BISA (Bodegas Internacionales) and sold to Marcos Eguizabal, whose heirs sold the business in 2016 to the Espinosa family.
3.00 euros ex bodega

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