Thursday, 9 June 2016

Moscatel Ambrosía 18%, Sánchez Romate

Deep, opaque walnutty brown to a trace of brown-stained amber at the rim, legs.
Old and concentrated Moscatel, you can even smell the pulpy texture from the well-sunned pasas give it its charming fruity character along with traces of dried fig, toffee and caramel.
Rich and viscous yet fresh with lots of dried Moscatel fruit and very tangy. For such a joyous wine it is quite serious, intense and deeply flavoured with that pulp texture providing grip and the fresh acidity stopping it cloying and giving terrific length.
Ambrosia was the mythological nectar of the Greek Gods, so one expects a decent wine and it certainly is. It is outstanding. The wine is late harvested and well sunned Moscatel de Chipiona, the type known as Moscatel de Pasas. Production is very limited as there are only five solera butts and the wine is only occasionally released at around fifteen years of solera age. Despite belonging to Romate's Reservas Especiales range, there is surprisingly no mention of it on the website, though they are embarking on a new one, something quite a few bodegas should consider. Interestingly, since the bodega was founded in 1781, they released a special bi-centenary bottling using an old label, and if you feel rich, Vilaviniteca still have two bottles for 295.00 euros each. It would offer a fairly rare glimpse of how it ages in bottle for well over thirty years.
About 18 euros from El Corte Inglés
Current presentation
Bicentenary presentation

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