Sunday, 19 June 2016

Manzanilla Solear en rama Primavera 2016 15%, Barbadillo

Deepish brassy straw with golden highlights, legs.
Pronounced deep saline dry scrub and dried flowers from the flor with notes of brine and dough all beautifully balanced with the flor bitterness, a trace of almond and perhaps a trace of wax. A really classic "punzante" (pungent) Manzanilla nose with class.
Full, open, dry and very tasty. It has a gentle tang of acidity which drives the yeasty, bitter, briny - almost salty - flavour which is followed by trace oxidation and cabezuela giving real depth and complexity and terrific length. 
This is a delicious wine right now and I can't wait to taste it again in a year or two's time. It was bottled in March 2016 and Montse Molina, the oenologist, said "it is a very powerful wine with great aromatic complexity and pronounced yeast and saline notes, while on the palate it is full with a silky start which develops in bitterness and has great length. The wine was selected from the bodega El Potro where the intermediate soleras are stored, between Manzanilla Solear and Amontillado Principe". Only 2,500 half bottles were filled. The winter 15/16 was cold giving a solid but very flavourful, classic wine of about 9 years of age: Manzanilla Pasada.
7.50 euros per half bottle from Licores Corredera

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