Thursday, 30 June 2016

30.6.16 Jerez Girl Wins Masterchef; Dia de la Manzanilla

Virginia Naranjo (39), who had entered the fourth edition of the competition with her twin sister, has won the competition. The prizewinning menu was all based on Jerez or Sherry. Her prize is 10,000 euros, a course at the Basque Culinary Centre and a book publishing deal. Her 15 year old daughter entered her for the show. Now Virginia is thinking about opening something in Jerez but will take her time.

Sanlúcar’s Dia de la Manzanilla (actually three days) starts today with free tastings and visits to bodegas Barbadillo, La Cigarrera, Covisan, Delgado Zuleta, Argüeso, La Gitana and La Guita. On Saturday there will be a walk round the city, “un paseo por la Manzanilla” with sights, stories and anecdotes about Manzanilla, to really get the feel of it and its origins. Separately, the famous beach horse races have been declared Patrimony of Humanity.

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