Saturday, 11 June 2016

Oloroso Piñero VORS 22%, Juan Piñero

Mid amber-mahogany, orange highlights and a trace of green at the rim, legs.
Full, this is an old wine with some concentration. There are touches of oak, glyceric sweetness, dried orange peel, nuts and cinnamon, but all in perfect harmony giving an enticing and complex, yet fresh and elegant, bouquet.
After a crisp start it opens out with a delightful display of Oloroso-ness, sheer generosity and grace with depth. There is tannin and some volatile acidity but they are quite gentle for the age of the wine and balanced by glycerol leaving one to enjoy the lovely faintly spiced flavour which lingers on for ages. A lovely wine.
This delicious old Oloroso is well over 30 years old - more like 40 - and well worth its 94 Parker points. The grapes came from the pagos Añina and Macharnudo. Juan Piñero is certainly making his mark, and no wonder.
Around 38 euros per 50cl bottle

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