Friday, 24 June 2016

Manzanilla Deliciosa en rama 15% Primavera 16, Valdespino

Full bright strawy gold, light legs.
Savoury yeastiness, softer and less "wild" than La Guita with slightly more muted flor, but has a certain depth from the cabezuela and trace oxidation, a touch softer and more graceful perhaps, but just as sophisticated. Saline bread dough and seaside, a trace of quince jelly, all in perfect harmony.
A gentle tang of acidity carries through the fairly full and polished saline, yeasty, almondy, savoury character. It really comes out when not over chilled and rolled round the mouth, then lingers cleanly for a long time while you wonder why you didn't buy a second bottle.
This excellent wine is the limited edition spring 2016 saca made from a selection of butts by Maribel Estévez from Miraflores grapes and aged for 6-7 years at the La Guita bodegas in Calle Misericordia. The solera has 6 criaderas and a solera. It is very different from La Guita en Rama but every bit as Sanluqueño, and just shows how varied the wines can be yet still have that classic character of their origin.
8.90 euros per half bottle from Coalla Gourmet

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