Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Oloroso 20% Bodega Viña Santa Petronila

Deep amber with orangey-coppery tones, legs.
Attractive, light and sophisticated with hints of oak, pipe tobacco and a trace of cinnamon, all nicely harmonised with a gentle fresh crispness. There is a distant dried fruit note and a hint of guirlache (nuts in brittle toffee).
Mid weight but expressive with a gentle tang of volatile acidity and plenty of nuts, with a miniscule trace of tobaccoey sweetness and hints of orange peel and cinnamon which counterbalance a trace of tannin from the oak. Clean long satisfying finish.
Being from what is probably the smallest and almost certainly the prettiest bodega in Jerez, this bottle was number 17 of a saca of only 182. The bodega is a XVIII century casa de viña  surrounded by its vines planted in pure albariza soil 3 or 4 kilometres north of Jerez. For such a small operation the wines are excellent but unfortunately/inevitably not widely available.
19.00 euros per 50cl bottle from La Casa del Jerez

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