Thursday, 4 August 2016

Moscatel Blanco Williams 15%, Williams & Humbert

Very pale strawy gold with golden glints, legs.
Fragrant Moscatel de Alejandria aromas, not unlike a Málaga but a fraction riper, distinct ripe pear and floral notes - lilies, jasmine? - there's certainly some blossom there and traces of tangerine and tea, and luscious fruit,  slightly exotic.
Sweet but not excessively so, with just enough balancing acidity and a lightness of touch. The fragrance translates into flavours of pear and a trace of tangerine and there is a light grapeskin texture and a long clean finish.
I spotted this in the bodega shop while I considered the prices of  the old vintages. It is hard to find on the website, which tells you nothing about it anyway, and I haven't seen it in shops so as a lover of Moscatel I was intrigued, especially by the "blanco" bit. Well, it is certainly pale. The label makes no mention of DO Sherry, but does say it is from selected old vines. I notice Marks & Spencer in the UK sell it in a fancy bottle for £10. As far as I know this is the bodega's first foray into Moscatel, so the grapes - or wine - are almost certainly bought in from Chipiona. Whatever, this bottle  was slightly cloudy towards the end, and while that doesn't bother me, it might bother some people.
About 4.50 euros ex bodega

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