Friday, 26 August 2016

La Bota de Amontillado 23 "Bota No" 21%, Equipo Navazos

Deep amber with glints of copper and the slightest hint of green at the rim, legs. Wine stained bottle.
Needs a little time to breathe but it is worth the wait, this is extremely refined and sphisticated with all the complexity of age. Even at this age you can smell its Sanlucar origins. Crisp and dry with toasted almond and saline notes and the slightest traces of iodine, esparto and well integrated oak with hints of exotic woods and warm spices, yet there is just enough implicit almost caramelly sweetness to round it off. Exquisite.
Dry  and super elegant with a gentle acidity and perhaps slightly less wood astringency than one might expect for the age. Appears quite light at first yet builds up with a trace of flor bitterness and a gentle trace of tannin giving a dry, clean yet generous feel before the nuts kick in but while that glyceric caramelly sweetness is thinly spread  it is enough and lets the tanginess through. Terrific length and balance, top quality, a magnificent wine.
From the XVIII century Barrio Bajo bodega of Miguel Sánchez Ayala in Sanlúcar, the saca from two selected butts of this very old and powerful wine took place in May 2010. It is from the same solera as La Bota numbers 1, 5 "NPI" and 9 "Navazos". This solera of some 60 butts was already very old when the previous capataz started work at the bodega in the 1960s and it has hardly ever been run since,  certainly not for 20 years until Equipo Navazos happened upon it in 2005. They estimate the average age of the wine as 70-80 years, maybe even up to 100.
About 45 euros per 50cl bottle (trade price) sorry, it'll cost a good bit more but still worth it

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