Tuesday, 15 April 2014

14.4.14 Sandeman Donates Historic Documents to Municipal Archive

An extensive and valuable archive of documents relating to the Sherry business over the late XVIII and XIX centuries has been donated to the Jerez Municipal Archive by Sandeman. The documents will now be conserved and catalogued by the Archive’s technicians. This gift comes about thanks to an agreement between Jose Moreno Silvetti of Sandeman and the Council, both of whom recognise the huge historical importance of the archive.

The documents amount to 141 boxes containing  among other things accounts books, correspondence, inventories, title deeds,  information on bodegas, vineyards, export figures and photographs covering the bodega Julian Pemartin & Cia (1799 – 1880) and Sandeman Buck & Co (1878 – 1976) who took over Pemartin when they went bust in 1879.

The collection was found in the casa de la viña, built in the late XVII- early XVIIIcentury at the Viña El Corregidor vineyard in the Carrascal. It has been well looked after since by Alberto Ramos Santana of the Historic Wine Studies Department of the University of Cadiz.

These valuable documents join others of great importance at the Municipal Archive, such as those of Manuel Misa, Diez Hermanos, Marques del Merito, Salvador Diez and Valdespino, along with documentation about the Gremio de Vinateria. Combined, this collection is of incalculable value to the study of the history and patrimony of Jerez

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