Saturday, 8 June 2013

8.6.13 Vinoble; Manzanilla Cocktail Competition; Fedejerez

Vinoble, the biennial exhibition of sweet and fortified wines is to be held once again in Jerez next year, as previously reported. The dates have now been decided, and they are the 1,2,3 of June. As usual, this fantastic event will take place at the Alcazar in Jerez.

(Imagen MasJerez)

 Bodegas Delgado Zuleta, in collaboration with the Hotel School IES El Picacho and the local tourism authority, hosted the 3rd Manzanilla-based cocktail competition on Thursday, timed to coincide with the Feria de la Manzanilla. The competition was open to students and professionals alike, and 25 people entered. The winning cocktail was a Sing de Sierra, by Daniel Campon.

Fedejerez yesterday reiterated its desire to “resolve the (Fino/Manzanilla) problem, not shelve it”. The Junta felt that postponing the matter, at least while Europe was dealing with other aspects of the modifications to the Reglamento, would allow time for reconciliation. However the president of Fedejerez, Evaristo Babe, wants to press ahead, “in the interests of both DO’s: Sherry and Manzanilla”, and feels that there is some cordiality between the two. Miguel Perez, of Coag and the Coop Virgen de la Caridad in Sanlucar said it would suit all concerned to get on with the dialogue and put the matter to rest. The Junta does not really want to get too deeply involved, especially in the core question as to whether Fino can still be aged in Sanlucar. They would prefer to wait to see what Brussels says and not create any more problems.

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