Thursday, 7 March 2019

Tintilla de Rota Pandorga 2017 9.5%, Bodegas Cota 45

Deep blacky red to reasonably tight rim with ruby highlights and noticeable viscosity.
Beautiful fresh and vivid aromas of very ripe black and red berries: black cherry, blackberry, plum and loganberry along with hints of esparto and honey and the textural character of grape pulp associated with super ripe grapes dried in the sun. There is a hint of fine Ruby Port about it too but it is less alcoholic and more elegant and indeed fragrant.
Very sweet yet there is a vein of acidity keeping it fresh with beautifully tangy mostly black fruit. That grape pulp, esparto and very slightly honeyed character is there with a delightful almost chewy texture and only enough tannin to give it a little grip. This is SO much more sophisticated than most Tintilla de Rota since it is better balanced with a higher level of acidity and with a tighter texture and terrific length. It is quite intense and quite delicious.
This superb wine is a new departure into red wine for Ramiro Ibáñez (at least for his own wines) whose mission is to recuperate lost grape varieties, wine styles and winemaking techniques. Very little classic Tintilla de Rota (i.e. fortified with the addition of arrope) is produced any more unfortunately, though the grape itself is used by quite a few producers to make excellent table wines. This wine is a departure in another way too, as it is in the classic style but not fortified, and it harks back to the days before fortification became widespread. It is a naturally sweet wine made from sun dried grapes which are then trodden and fermented, reaching a natural strength of 9.5% and leaving  almost 300g/l of residual sugars.
31.15 per 50cl bottle, Licores Corredera

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