Thursday, 21 March 2019

Ideal Pale Cream 17.5%, Valdespino

Pale to mid strawy gold with golden highlights and a slight viscosity.
Mostly Fino with only very light flor notes but fresh and with just a hint of apple sauce and grape juice behind. It doesn´t smell excessively sweet but the sweetness does very slightly mask the Fino aromas, yet it adds a few of its own such as an attractive pastry note a bit like like apple Danish with a trace of lemon icing but without the cinnamon.
Light, fresh and medium-sweet but not too sweet and there is a nicely judged acidity to balance and there is a certain glyceric texture but the Fino flavour and the sweeter confectionery character come through giving a light, gently sweet style with considerable appeal and a decent fairly dry finish.
Made from Palomino Fino grapes fermented and aged in solera for 5 years and then blended with rectified concentrated grape must (basically unfermented juice with most of the water removed) also made from Palomino, which confers the sweetness. This is the standard process for Pale Cream production, though one or two bodegas use Moscatel instead which works well. The sweetness is less than that of a Cream Sherry, lying between 45-115 g/l sugars, while Cream starts at 115 g/, sothe sweetness here is a little more subtle.
8.50 euros, Licores Corredera

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