Monday, 25 March 2019

Oloroso 18%, Bodegas Sánchez Romate

Bright full mahogany fading to amber with copper highlights.
Quite rich and full and very Oloroso with an open character with oxidative notes to the fore naturally, and its comparative youth allows one to identify some of Oloroso´s characteristic notes which include traces of butter, caramel, apple and even Marmite. It is beautifully rounded with real character.
Rich, round and medium to full, still with the faintest apple notes and lots of glycerine and caramel and hints of dried fruits which give an impression of sweetness, but it is actually dry with an attractive fairly dry texture and yet has a lighter finish but not lacking in length.
Like all products from this bodega, founded nearly a quarter of a millennium ago, this Oloroso is of very good quality and value for money. It comes from a very old solera and is bottled at over 5 years of age while the wine in the solera goes on to feed Don José and Old and Plus. The presentation is adventurous for Sherry and is designed to appeal to younger people and convince them what a good wine Sherry is. Let us hope the wine and the presentation can do the job successfully.
5.70, Licores Corredera

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