Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Oloroso 15 Years Old 19%, Bodegas Maestro Sierra

Deep antique mahogany with copper highlights fading to amber, legs.
Savoury with a trace of Marmite, lots of walnut, hints of old fashioned raisin-packed fruit cake, cinnamon, old oak barrels, fallen leaves, tobacco, traces perhaps of orange peel, gravy and a certain dankness from the well sited bodega. This is complex, and characterful.
Full bodied and intensely flavoured, the glycerine is balanced by a decent level of acidity, much of it volatile, making it well rounded on the palate, even with a trace of tannin. The glycerine, and perhaps the raisin and cinnamon notes, give an impression of sweetness, but it is dry with a very long, clean finish. Excellent Oloroso.
This is the youngest Oloroso commercialised by this outstanding bodega, and older than many out there; their others are 50 and 80 years old respectively. It may be the youngest but it lacks nothing in complexity; every time you take a sniff it reveals something more. Of course this solera feeds the older ones, so you can see why they are so good.
9.50 per half bottle, Licores Corredera

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