Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Fino del Maestro Sierra La Bota de Paco

Brassy gold with bright golden highlights, a trace darker than La Bota de Ana, legs.
Full, generous and nuanced with traces of straw and butter, the aromas of the cabezuela and the flor are almost equal in intensity, and there are hints of almond and herbs and perhaps a faint trace of wood, even spice. It is a little more intense than Ana, and it tastes a touch more "hecho" (mature), yet there is not a hint of oxidation.
Mature and full with perfect balance. There is a little acidity, helped by the flor bitterness, and this balances with the body and mature oily buttery flavours from the bottom of the butt. There is a lovely rounded softness to the casual taste which belies serious the complexity which is there in spades if you look for it. Just a little fuller than Ana and with a trace more flor bitterness.
Please read this in conjunction to the post on La Bota de Ana as they are closely related - from the same solera. This superb Fino is from bottle number 5 of just 20 filled from one butt in the Fino solera selected by Paco Salas, an oenologist and friend of the bodega. He and the firm's official oenologist Ana Cabestrero must have had so much fun selecting their favourite butts! And what a brilliant idea. It is only a pity that so little could be bottled. This one is from andana 32, butt number 3 which is in a different location in the bodega from La Bota de Ana which is closer to the back door which looks out toward the sea at El Puerto. Being further inside the bodega, this butt is slightly different but equally delicious. It is incredible how small differences in location within the same bodega can make such a difference to the wine. Thank goodness the Sherry oenologists recognise these wonderful and unique features of a wine which does what it likes. Both are simply outstanding Finos and being asked which is your favourite would be like being asked which is your favourite child.
50 euros from Licores Corredera

The bottle...

...and the butt!

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