Wednesday, 26 April 2017

26.4.17 Tio Pepe en rama 2017 Launched

The VIIIth edition of the annual spring release of Tio Pepe en rama is now on the market. The firm’s oenologist and IWC Best Fortified Winemaker Antonio Flores, made a selection from 60 butts in the La Constancia and Rebollo bodegas. He chose these barrels as they best showed the moment when the venencia breaks through the flor and releases the wine’s wonderful aromas. He is not short of descriptive powers and pronounced the wine “elegant and aromatic on the nose with the characteristic intense yeasty aroma of the flor intermingled with the distinct almond notes typical of Palomino Fino: fresh, complex and intense, salty and expressive, but most of all alive and wild”. He continued that it is “a version of Tio Pepe that is fragrant, intense, brilliant, salty and immaculate”. Available in the UK from 8th May, so it's time to pester your wine merchant.

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