Wednesday, 12 April 2017

12.4.17 More Single Cask Lustau Sherries

The legendary wine merchants and online retailers Vila Viniteca have teamed up with Lustau again to launch more of the superb single cask Sherries. Vila Viniteca was established in Barcelona in 1932 and is now run by third generation Quim Vila. Over the years it has expanded dramatically and become one of Europe’s leading international wine merchants and distributors, being the first in Spain with a website and the first to offer wines en primeur, among many other initiatives. The project with Lustau goes back to 2002, and this time it was organised with the bodega’s new oenologist Sergio Martínez. Various butts were tasted and wine from the best ones was selected and bottled in March. They might appear expensive but the quality is exceptional and the wines virtually unique, so they are definitely worth the money. Quantities are very limited and the bottles are 50cl. The wines are:

Fino del Puerto 480 bottles @ 24.50€
Fino de Jerez 480 bottles @ 24.50€
Oloroso del Tonel 480 bottles @ 29.90€
Moscatel Las Cruces  504 bottles @ 59.25€
Pedro Ximénez 480 bottles @ 59.25€
Tintilla de Rota 204 bottles @ 98.70€

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  1. Why is the Tintilla de Rota, a wine rather than a sherry/generoso so expensive? Just 'cos there's comparatively little of it?