Saturday, 22 April 2017

22.4.17 Wine Route Now Most Visited in Spain; New La Guita/Covisan Agrement

The Wine Route of the Marco de Jerez is now the most visited in Spain with 501,783 visitors last year. The Catalán wine route of Penedés has been relegated to second place despite having 80 bodegas on its route and Jerez having only 32. In total, Spanish wine routes welcomed 2,714,409 visitors, a healthy 21% more than 2015. The business generated is enormous, and the association of wine cities (ACEVIN) reckon that it amounted to 54.2 million spent at member establishments an increase of 10.66%. This does not take into account money spent in hotels, restaurants and shops which are not members of the Ruta. The majority of visitors are Spanish so there is still plenty of room to boost the figures by attracting more foreigners.  To find out more go to:

Grupo Estévez and the Sanlúcar cooperative Covisan have renewed their collaboration agreement to guarantee grape supply for La Guita for a further five years. The cooperative has 175 members with around 350 hectares of vineyard. Some of these grapes will be distilled to make fortification spirit so that the best-selling Manzanilla in Spain can be 100% Sanluqueño. It is produced in two bodegas; the old one in Calle Misericordia and the more modern one on the Jerez road, where the bottling line is situated. It is very busy right now ensuring there is enough La Guita for the Feria de Abril in Sevilla which kicks off on the 30th. Hopefully they will also be bottling the 2017 La Guita en rama.

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