Saturday, 29 April 2017

29.4.17 New Lustau Amontillado for Aponiente

The Castillo de San Marcos in El Puerto de Santa María was the location for the official introduction of the latest joint Project between Lustau and the restaurant Aponiente owned by the “chef of the sea” Ángel León. Amontillado en rama Yodo joins the Fino Yodo introduced a few months ago. Sergio Martínez, oenologist at Lustau, explained that this textbook Amontillado is the natural evolution of the Fino, it retains the essence of a Fino from El Puerto and its maritime air, yet has many years of ageing statically. Only 1,000 bottles have been released, all of them for Aponiente.

More interesting news snippets: While an endless stream of bikers arrives for the Moto GP which takes place in Jerez next weekend, the first Sherry Marathon takes place tomorrow. Recent heavy rain won’t help the 600 runners negotiate the muddy country stretch of the race, but at least it is what the farmers and vine growers were hoping for after near drought conditions. At least it won’t be too hot, and anyway Jerez is not short of refreshment! A baby leopard has been born at Jerez zoo, while in Sanlúcar the navy has been busy dealing with an unexploded World War II mine caught by fishermen. The touring Sherry Festival will be in San Sebastián between the 5-14 May and there will as usual be many extramural events.

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