Sunday, 16 April 2017

Brandy Uno en Mil Solera Gran Reserva 40%, Sánchez Romate

Bright light mahogany with gold flecked amber highlights, legs.
Forthcoming and refined with lots of toasted hazelnuts and almond and only faint notes of toasty American oak balanced by a slight trace of sweetness giving the impression of a 40% Amontillado. There is a  slight dried apricot or raisin note and traces of straw and cabinet maker's workshop, all beautifully integrated.
Fresh and clean with gentle clove and orange notes and a hint of exotic wood. The nuttiness is still there and the overall impression is one of elegant restraint, rather than the heavier Oloroso or PX aged style, yet it is intensely nuanced and beautifully balanced with charm and length. Very Good.
By the norms of Brandy de Jerez this one is unusual - in the best possible way. At Romate's Bodega de Barreras they have 1,000 butts of ageing holandas (the finest spirit, slowly distilled in alquitaras or pot stills). Rather than go through a solera, this brandy is the contents of a single numbered butt selected by the firm's spirits expert, Ricardo Real, for its unique and distinguished character. It follows that the brandy from each selected butt will be slightly different, as is the case with single cask whiskies, so there is a whole new brandy to look forward to every now and then. Each bottle carries the number of that butt which may have been seasoned with either Fino or Amontillado. This was Amontillado butt 186 and it quite superb, highly complex world class brandy.
29.95 from Licoreria La Latina, Fuengirola

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