Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Pale Cream Mirame Cuando Te Hablo 17%, Sánchez Romate

Pale bright golden straw with golden highlights, legs.
The first thing you notice is Moscatel with a background trace of bitterness from the Fino used as a base wine, but there are sufficient traces of mandarin and flowers to over-ride those flor notes
Not over sweet, perhaps medium-sweet and not at all cloying. It has a very gentle tang of acidity to balance and lots of Moscatel fruit with a slightly dry edge. 
Pale Cream is basically sweetened Fino or Manzanilla. Croft were the first with the idea in the early 1970s and they used charcoal filtered rectified concentrated must (RCM) to sweeten the Fino. The result was a sweeter Sherry which looked dry (pale) and was terribly fashionable at the time of Martini/Cinzano Bianco and the "bright lights taste". While it achieved incredible sales success thanks to multinational marketing, it has to be said that it wasn't really all that good compared to other styles of Sherry. Reyes Gómez, oenologist at Sánchez Romate has solved the problem by using light young Moscatel instead, and blending it with Romate Fino from the Pago Añina giving the wine a bit more character. Serve really cold.
7.60 euros from Licores Corredera

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