Sunday, 31 July 2016

Moscatel Oro Los Cuartillos 15%, Primitivo Collantes

Pure gold with bright glinting highlights, legs.
Fresh aromas of tea with hints of zippy citrus, floral camomile and that classic Moscatel grapiness, clean and bright with a noticeable tang, light and elegant.
Pure essence of Moscatel grapes with a little extract and texture but balanced by a gentle acidity giving a feeling of freshness such that you hardly notice the sweetness and that light citrus note carries it through to a clean finish with decent length. The comparatively low 15% helps, serve chilled.
This is a delicious Moscatel made from grapes over-ripened on the vine on sandy soils near the coast at Chiclana and without arrope or sun drying of the grapes making it light fresh and zippy. It has no great age, perhaps two years at the most and that's just fine, it is young, fresh and moreish suitable for any time of day rather than a wine for sipping in the evening.
6.30 euros from Cuatrogatos

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