Friday, 6 November 2015

PX 15%, Bodegas Ximénez Spínola

Very deep dark blacky brown, not quite opaque, to deep amber at rim, pronounced legs.
Full, fruity and fragrant with the aroma of fresh pasas coming in from the vineyard. It's all about dried fruit: fig, date and raisin with notes of toffee and treacle.With greater age PX can take up the more phenolic coffee and chocolate notes, and there are slight traces here adding to the complexity.
Viscous and luscious with lots of gently tangy fruitiness. It has the texture of the pulp of dried grapes, and despite its sweetness doesn't cloy. It just develops beautifully on the palate and lingers leaving that lovely dried fruit flavour for some considerable time. Delicious.
This small family bodega is unique in Jerez for making its wine exclusively from PX, and is one of the last bodegas to even grow it there. Since some 70% of liquid volume is lost through the sunning process production is small, but they take great care with quality. This is a solera wine and all releases are first checked by a tasting panel and then a family committee. All bottles are individually numbered with the year of release. This was 04035 of 6550 released in 2013.
About 49 Euros

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