Monday, 9 November 2015

Oloroso 21.5%, Colección Roberto Amillo

Attractive chestnut with copper glints fading through amber to a touch of green on the rim, legs.
Extremely fragrant, refined and complex with oriental spice notes of cedar, other exotic woods and cinnamon, even a trace of incense. There are hints of dried orange peel and nuts with a faint varnish note, and its strength is noticeable. All this is a function of considerable age.
Tight and fairly lean with gentle tannin and a hint of bitterness from the wood but with intense flavour and still quite exotic. It has a gentle tang which keeps it clean and long, and there are subtle clove and cinnamon notes with that orange peel hint. Very long finish.
This magnificent wine is from a selection from 24 butts in a solera of very old Oloroso at Williams & Humbert. Roberto gives very little detail, but this must be well over 30 years old. The range is called Espiritus de Jerez and consists of  Oloroso, Palo Cortado, Amontillado, PX and Brandy. The bottle is nicely designed from the aesthetic point of view, but it is difficult to pour the wine without spilling a few precious drops.
47 Euros per 50cl decanter in Spain. Not available in the UK, tiny output.

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