Saturday, 28 November 2015

28.11.15 IWSC Awards for Sherry 2015

It is good to see that lots of Sherry was entered, but for brevity I have only included the top three categories.  As always one really wonders about the results when for (just one) example a supermarket Fino gets more points than a Lustau Almacenista Pata de Gallina. Perhaps there is just too much wine to taste, or not enough expertise in Sherry. Also one does tend to see the same wines year after year. I would love to see the Annual Sherry Awards, judged by peers, now THAT would be worth something!

Gold Outstanding:
Williams & Humbert PX 12 YO
Harveys Palo Cortado VORS
Harveys Fine Old Amontillado VORS

Fernando de Castilla Palo Cortado Antique
Williams & Humbert Dos Cortados Solera Especial VOS
Williams & Humbert Manzanilla Alegría
Morrisons Signature Palo Cortado (Lustau)

Silver Outstanding:
Osborne Oloroso Sibarita VORS
Osborne Amontillado 51-1a VORS
Osborne PX Venerable VORS
Williams & Humbert Colección Amontillado 12 YO
Lustau Oloroso Don Nuño
Lustau Oloroso VORS
Lustau Amontillado VORS
Lustau Amontillado Botaína
Morrisons Signature PX (Lustau)
Sainsburys Taste the Difference Fino (Lustau)
Lustau Palo Cortado Península
Morrisons Signature Manzanilla (Lustau)
González Byass Oloroso Dulce Matúsalem VORS

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