Saturday, 21 November 2015

21.11.15 Junta Appeals for Dialogue

Junta vice president Manuel Jiménez Barrios who recently met the BIB rebels has appealed for dialogue and says that the confrontation will damage the image of the DO. He is not keen to take sides but the Junta will help bring the warring parties together round a table and assist with any dialogue. Only this way will the problem be solved and the achievements of the last 80 years be preserved.
The meeting in Sanlucar (
While the Junta’s agriculture department is the higher authority, just proposing dialogue is not enough, and the BIB rebels feel they have some sort of legal support for launching Manzanilla in BIB. Fedejerez and the Consejo have asked for clarification of what they consider illegal. The rebels’ interpretation of the reglamento is that it is legal to sell Manzanilla in BIB to the hotel and catering trade, but Fedejerez disagrees and hasn’t the slightest intention of sitting down to discuss what it considers a breach of the rules of the DO.

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